Effective Link Building for SAAS Companies

Link building is what makes certain SaaS companies stand out from their competitors. For example, HubSpot has grown from five hundred monthly visitors to more than seven million monthly visitors in four years. Link building is a collection of actions that is focused on increasing traffic.

Link building for SaaS involves acquiring links from other websites into yours to grow your appearance and rank above your competitors on the search engine results. With link building, SaaS brands can crack a very competitive industry.

However, getting links for your SaaS site is pretty challenging and without the right strategy, you will hit a wall quickly. From this this article, you will learn more about link building for SaaS, what it includes, its importance, and the top four techniques for link building as a SaaS company.

Link Building for SaaS

One of the significant duties of an online business is to attract the highest number of potential clients. Regardless of whether or not you have an LLC or sole proprietorship, an effective link-building and SEO strategy will help to bring your site to the top of Google SERP.

There is a high demand for SEO jobs, especially with the trendiness of Ecommerce. Since the start of the COVID pandemic, more brands have been searching for SEO professionals. Link building is a complex of actions that is fixated on drawing website promotion and traffic.

The principle of link building is quite simple. It involves acquiring links to your own website from other sites on the internet. You can liken backlinks to a seal of approval or an endorsement from these other websites. If they like your website enough to give you backlinks, it shows that they think that you are a trusted resource.

Is Link Building Difficult?

Link building is not an easy task, as competition is getting stiffer. It will require you to put together a persistent, ongoing, and strong strategy that will require you to put in plenty of effort and time. In a nutshell, link building is undoubtedly worth doing these days.

Quality link building offers an individual and a selective approach. Professionals in different SaaS companies meticulously study the field of activity of their target audiences, picking only effective and reliable donors. This allows them to get excellent results in the promotion of SEO. However, the process entails consistency, assiduity, creativity, and patience in action.

Link building can be more challenging for SaaS businesses. This is because of the niche nature of the industry and the competition that accompanies a crowded market.

What Does Link Building for SaaS Include?

Link building is an entire strategy for getting backlinks primarily from quality resources. For SaaS businesses, link-building duty is a mid-level task that is not too tough or easy. You simply need to work meticulously with patience and get to various blogs/websites that are related to your niche every day for more engagement to get backlinks for your company.

It is crucial to note that only a comprehensive link-building strategy will allow the website to get to its highest position in Google SERP. However, link building can be pretty complicated if you lack the resources required to build valuable content. Other sites are not going to link to resources or articles that are not helpful to their audience.

On the other side, most sites are not very helpful to the relevance of your domain. Getting links from websites about farming or cooking will not help your content rank and may end up being a spam signal to Google.  So, basically, you may end up playing in a small sandbox with other SaaS blogs and websites competing for popularity.

A major thing that link building for SaaS includes is Guest Posting. There are various websites that accept guest posts and, in return, give relevant backlinks. The primary precondition is to have quality content and search for relevant websites to contact. Not all websites may link to SaaS because it is pretty specific, except it is very appropriate.

Why is Link Building Essential for Saas?

There are many reasons why link building is essential for SaaS. We have highlighted a few of the importance below:

  1. Any white label SEO marketing agency will tell you for free that link-building is an essential part of any online marketing strategy. Although on-site optimizations are crucial, you are also required to build up your authority and reputation online.

Getting backlinks from reputable websites are an excellent way to show Google that you are a reputable leader in your industry that is worthy of attention and high rankings.

  1. For Software as a service (SaaS) and Business-to-business (B2B) organizations, in particular, link-building can be very beneficial. High-grade backlinks from reputable websites can set your business apart from that of your competitors and can help you to reach your target audience faster and more effectively.
  2. Because you are a SaaS company, you sell your services or products to other businesses rather than directly to clients. You may discover that link building is even a more effective strategy for you compared to other digital marketing techniques such as paid ads.

By getting high-quality backlinks from reputable websites to your website, you will attain a more diverse and richer backlink profile that can let you outrank your competitors on Google SERP.

Best Techniques to Use for Link Building as a SaaS Company

While there are various tactics and ways to extract the potential of link building, we have highlighted the three best techniques for link building.

1. Social Media Marketing

Undoubtedly, social media is the sanctuary for any form of marketing today. SaaS companies can predominantly put social media marketing to good use. They can do this by promoting their benefits and their applications on these platforms.

The tactic to success in social media is to stay active online and maintain great engagement with your audience. You must post regularly, post across platforms, use moment marketing wider reach and share, and share extracts of your services.

The idea is to improve as much engagement as possible with the correct amount of innovation and activity. When you create engagement and post content, people organically visit your website very often to know more about what you offer and use them. This act proves to be one of the most excellent forms of link building today.

2. The Use of Creative Infographics

Marketing trends reveal that infographics remain one of the most widely used and greatest link-building strategies. At the same time, they can potentially drive organic traffic to your website, as they are shared and re-shared on various social media platforms and are also used by various stakeholders for various purposes.

Infographics can produce about 37.5 backlinks for a website compared to a blog post. Its contribution towards site rankings due to high-quality content, value, and readership are also pretty well-known. It won’t cost you so much to either get to work on some infographics yourself or hire a graphic designer.

You can also use free resources such as Canva and develop creative infographics. You can follow this by utilizing infographics on your website, promoting them on social media platforms, or uploading them to a useable repository for broader reach.

3. Broken Link Building

Broken link building is fast becoming one of the most innovative and valuable strategies when it comes to improving your popularity online. You should browse through the internet for 404 errors and other problems on the website of your preferred blogger.

Next, you want to politely inform them about the problems or issues and offer to help them fix the issues by providing high-quality third-party website linking, which is your website. This action is a win-win situation for you and the website owner and will get you link building from a website of your choice.

4. Guest Blogs for Link-Building

Anyone who says guest blogs do not work anymore for link building needs to really reconsider. You can use guest posts for the best by including your content on your website of choice as a guest article. This will help you to garner a more targeted or more expansive targeted audience base – based on your preference.

The practice of guest posts is a time-tested one that can have a direct impact on the traffic of your website, search engine rankings as well as social media following.


An excellent way for a SaaS company to build and maintain online buzz is by link-building. This singular factor has the potential to skyrocket search engine rankings, most times leaving even the largest websites behind. Besides, the process is reciprocal and cyclic. Therefore, link building is a crucial tool to have in 2022. We recommend that you have it up to your sleeve.