2 Important Strategies When Link Building for Healthcare

Link building in healthcare is a challenge. From one angle, the healthcare niche is huge with plenty of opportunities, and from another angle, dealing with the issues that come with creates difficulties. However, the benefits healthcare providers get from Link Building, and SEO is immense. The best Link Building practices will make website rankings to skyrocket.

When it comes to healthcare, patients can quickly find your website if it has a solid SEO. With Link Building, Google will use backlinks as well as other factors to determine your site’s quality. When an authority website is linked back to your website, Google improves your rankings.

Keep reading this article to learn more about Link Building for Healthcare, its basis, what it is centered on, and the best strategy used for Link Building for healthcare companies.

Link Building for Healthcare

The role of a healthcare marketer involves many moving parts, from how you initially engage a stranger discovering your brand for the first time to how you keep up with a patient to make sure they have had a great experience.

Both being pretty easy to find and a reliable resource for medical information is at the center of the work of a marketer. However, fortunately, you cannot do one excellently most times without concurrently achieving the other.

Do Healthcare Companies Need an Online Presence?

As we quickly shift to a digital society, it is getting pretty clear a web presence is essential for healthcare companies to achieve their potentials. There is a very common fallacy that a site will suffice. Although healthcare company sites are undoubtedly essential, they must be complemented by extra digital tools ranging from social media to inbound marketing and beyond.

In addition, the website must be very visible to spur website-based traffic and attract new business. Visibility entails that the site must be ranked at the top of Google search results.  Bear in mind that a typical searcher will only click results on the first page or two.

Also, most searchers will not click past a previous couple of search results. This is primarily why SEO and link building for healthcare are essential. If someone who needs your healthcare products or services searches the internet for “healthcare near me,” and your website does not pop up at the top of the rankings, you want to make headway on your link building quickly.

The Basis of Link Building for Healthcare

Link building involves acquiring backlinks to your website hosted on the pages of other websites. A considerable number of websites will directly link to your website from their pages. Marketing specialists can help you perfect your link-building tactic and ultimately help you rank as highly as possible.

However, not just any backlink will suffice. Only backlinks with high quality are of utmost importance. Google trusts links for web crawling when creating search results. The quality of every webpage is analyzed to scale its search ranking for specific keywords.

The quality of the webpage is essential for Google’s algorithm. Search engines examine the page content, including the number of backlinks that lead to the page from other websites. In addition, the quality of the external websites is highly considered. The higher the quality of the websites that link to the site, the better its rank in search engine results.

The quality of a website’s content is determined by the value and relevancy of its information. The search engines crawling along with the page analysis determine part of the website’s quality. However, the quality and number of sites that backlinks to your pages are essential in the quality of the website.

What is Link Building for Healthcare Cantered on?

Link building is best described as a means of establishing validity for a webpage. If other websites do not link to your website, or if the websites that link to yours are not reputable, your website will struggle to rank well.

In a nutshell, link building for healthcare and Search Engine Optimization are essentially complex. If you encounter challenges, do not hesitate to ask for help with the challenges. The system is created to reward websites that offer legitimate value, such as websites that answer relevant questions and help people get information.

While it will take some work to execute accurate link building, the struggle is certainly worth it. The bottom line is that the system of Google is hard to manipulate, so that those that put in the effort will be compensated with more traffic and higher ranking.

Top Two Strategies to Use for Link Building as a Healthcare Company

Websites that have strong Search Engine Optimization rankings did not get there overnight. It takes a high-quality backlink technique to see any kind of positive results. Below are the top link building ideas and tips for your medical practice:

1. Guest Post

Guest post is the most tried and trusted method for gaining attraction to your website. It is helpful to be in the health sector, as medical sites constantly need updated content. When something new emerges in your field – healthcare – write a piece and submit it to the national and local sites.  You can begin by sending content to your local news; after that, branch out to more specialized healthcare sites.

Below is a list of high-quality healthcare websites that accept guest posts. These websites have all been scrutinized for page rank and domain authority.

* Women’s-Health

* Health in 30

* Revitalise Your Health

* Healthy Wealthy n Wise

* Hive Health Media

* PyschCentral


* Health Resource 411

* The Master Cleanse

* Science-Based Medicine

When you’re submitting your article, ensure you include a strap line having a link back to your website. You want to link back to high-quality content such as case studies and blogs within your article, as well. You must do this naturally, as you do not want your Search Engine Optimization links to appear like spam.

2. Add a Resourceful Guide for Bloggers

As a healthcare provider, you have many years of dedicated experience in at least an area. You want to utilize this knowledge in creating a quality, informative guide on a specific topic. We recommend that you go with something that is topical and relevant to your readers.

This is quite similar to the guest post backlink tactic, except things are taken a step further. In order to wholly reap its benefit, you have got to present this guide to other websites in exchange for a backlink to your websites.

You should not need to do too much convincing. If your guide is as excellent as it should be, it will automatically do the persuading for you. Producing the resource manual will most likely be the most challenging part of the process.

You might want to begin by coming up with a relatable topic with your area of expertise. There is no limit on where you can take this to; the amount of subjects that would interest your readers is pretty huge.

Make a list of topics that you are interested in and then, narrow this down to about two to three. From there, you want to start doing plenty of research on these subjects. This would help you see what others are saying. Quora and Reddit are excellent websites for getting the input of readers on emerging topics.

Lastly, use the information you get to settle on one topic. For your content to be birthed to life, it may be excellent to work with other specialists from your facility. This partnership would ensure you build an extensive guide with plenty of coverage.

Easy Ways to Build Links

An effective backlink technique basically requires a substantial amount of time every week. If you are considering whether or not there are other easier ways to boost your SEO rank, we have got good news for you!

An easy way to improve your ranking is to claim your profile on several websites. For example, you must be listed on more general search websites like Bing, Yelp, and Google my Business. However, do not forget about websites that are specific to Healthcare listing, such as SimplyBook, Doodle, and ZocDoc.

They allow users to program appointments online, which is a direction many patients and providers are headed towards. This backlink tactic does different things for a site domain. First, it let you to represent yourself correctly with accurate information.

Secondly, claiming your profile lets you to link back to your website. And this helps to improve SEO; these listings have higher SEO weight compared to other websites. Lastly, search bots authenticate your website through your listing; and it also links to higher rankings.


Healthcare companies can benefit significantly from online marketing. With local search inquiries, it has become relatively easier for customers to find you online. However, in order for patients to find you over your competitors, you need link building. So, we recommend that you begin the year by consciously working on your online presence by implementing link building.