SEO Tips For Assisted Living Facilities

As time marches on, more and more senior citizens and their children are becoming active online. Today, the most successful senior living communities are using the latest internet marketing strategies to get to the top of Google.

With any business, a comprehensive SEO strategy needs to be carefully thought out and executed in order to make the most effective use of your time and resources.

In this type of business, it’s important to be specific. This is because someone looking for an assisted living facility is part of an entirely different audience than someone looking for an independent living community.

For the best assisted living SEO, make sure to use specific keywords that reflect your services. Also, make sure to not overlook long tail keywords, but remember that it’s not all about keywords and you also need great content. Remember, when it comes to assisted living SEO, quality is more important than quantity. Other important aspects include designing your website for ease of access and making effective use of calls to action. 

In this article, we will go over all the most common ways to increase SEO performance for a website. We will also talk about some important things to consider when optimizing a website for assisted living SEO. 

SEO Tips For Assisted Living Facilities

1.Use Specific Keywords For Assisted Living SEO 

Keywords and Key Phrases are ways for search engines to attempt to understand and classify what your website is about. So, it’s important to target specific keywords. If you do, then search engines will be able to connect your site with the most popular search terms.

2.Use Local Marketing Terms For Assisted Living SEO

For example, a good SEO tip for an assisted living community would be to target ’24/7 care assisted living community Chicago’ rather than ‘independent senior community in Chicago’.

Details like this are important because an assisted living community is known to specialize in offering care services. So, you need to use keywords that take that into consideration. If you use the wrong keywords it can confuse the search engines and your potential customers. This will lead to fewer conversions.

Another important factor to consider when optimizing an assisted living community website for SEO is the fact that the seniors themselves are not making the entire decision. In large part, the senior citizen’s children will have a significant say in the matter. So, make sure to use local market terms like the city and state that your assisted living community is located in. Tail Keywords Are Crucial For Assisted Living SEO

Long tail keywords are phrases that are generally composed of three to five words and remember, there are 4 levels of assisted living. These levels include residential living, skilled nursing, memory care, assisted living, and rehabilitation. So, depending on the type of assisted living facility you own, it’s important to use the right kind of keywords. This is especially important if you offer unique services or amenities.

These kinds of keywords are more specific than simple single-word terms. Because of this, long tail keywords allow an assisted living community to target a niche demographic. In short, using long tail keywords on your website will lead to more conversions.

Don’t Get Complacent Or Become Impatient

SEO work takes time to show results. In fact, it can be weeks or even months before you see any impact. So, it’s important to not stop working once you see an increase in traffic. Also, make sure to regularly monitor your community’s keyword rankings and adjust with time.

Also, it’s important to remember that the industry shifts, so your business and the keywords and content that are used on its website are going to have to shift with it.

Assisted Living SEO Isn’t All About Keywords

It’s not 1997 anymore. The internet is much more mature now, so search engines are a lot smarter this side of Y2K. Online marketers generally focus only on keywords and meta data but they often forget that great content is what really holds it all together.

With this in mind, it’s important to make engaging, long-form content that is actually useful to the demographic you are trying to target. 

For Assisted Living SEO, Quality Is More Important Than Quantity

So, instead of cramming as much blog and newsletter content into your website as possible, make sure to create content that meets your audience’s needs.

It’s important for you to consider your audience’s specific needs. Ask yourself, what does someone looking for an assisted living community really want?

Thanks to new technologies like Google virtual tours, Google Maps, Yelp, Reddit, and other platforms, assisted living communities can help influence a potential customer’s decision by making it that much easier to learn about or experience the facility.

Regardless of the industry, if a business puts a 360 Virtual tour on their site, it will boost website SEO. This works by achieving higher engagement rates, longer time spent on page, and a reduced bounce rate. It’s also important to use high quality, clear images on your website.

Optimize For Website Conversions

While many SEO strategies focus on increasing website traffic, they often leave out the most important part: conversions. While it may be nice to see your traffic increase, seeing sales increase is arguably far more important.

Ease Of Access Is Often Overlooked

It’s extremely important for an assisted living website to be as easy as possible to navigate. An assisted living website with great SEO would have clearly marked online forms, and large, easily visible buttons.

Also, make sure to use a high-contrast color scheme. This is important for the assisted living demographic. So, make sure to make your website easy to use and approachable. 

Also, it would be a good idea to use a slightly larger-than-normal font. This will keep your target market on the page longer.   

Don’t Overlook The Call To Action

When creating interactive digital content, it’s important for the content to be, well, interactive. So, make sure to add a call to action. For example, you can put a button on the button of your information page that says ‘Request a Call’ or ‘Book a Consultation’. This call to action is the extra push that many customers need to make a purchase.

To get the most conversions as possible, your assisted living website has to be smooth and understandable. The best assisted living community website’s will have clear calls to action and an easy to use contact form.

Remember, The best assisted living SEO strategies will use engaging content that is optimized to convert leads into sales. 

Make sure to not over-do the calls to action. If there is always a box or a pop up asking the user to do something, it can become annoying. So, try to find a nice balance of information and invitations.

What Is The Target Market For An Assisted Living Facility?

While at first thought it may seem like that is going to be the seniors themselves, oftentimes the choice ultimately comes down to loved ones and family members, particularly the senior’s children. For this reason, its of critical importance for  you to make sure to use keywords that cater to this fact.

How Big Is The Assisted Living Industry?

The assisted living industry is larger than you might think. In the United States alone, the market size was estimated to be at 83.2 billion dollars in 2020. The industry is slated to expand at a compound annual growth rate of around 5 percent per you between now and 2027.

How Do You Market A Senior Living Community?

It’s important to keep your website updated. Google and other search engines pay attention to what they call a content’s ‘freshness’. So, it’s of vital importance to always have new, engaging content to be added to the search engines as they crawl the internet.

Also, make sure to never underestimate the power of building relationships on social media. In 2022, social media is one of the most useful assets any business has access to. So, make sure to get out there and start talking about your community on all that latest social media platforms.


The internet has made it a whole lot easier to do business. That is good for you, yes, but it’s also good for your competition. If you really think about it, the internet levels the playing field. Gone are the days when you had to spend tens of thousands of dollars or more to effectively advertise. 

These days, more senior citizens are online than ever before. This is why to be successful in the assisted living industry, you have to make use of modern internet marketing strategies. Just like with any other business, having a good set of SEO skills is crucial for an assisted living community. 

If you are trying to optimize your site to have the best assisted living SEO, the first step is to use very specific keywords. If you make heavy use of long tail keywords, you will get even better performance. Don’t get too wrapped up in keyboards, though, because content can be just as important. Considering an assisted living community’s target market, it’s crucial to design your website to be easy to use and understand. Also, don’t forget to make good use of calls to action.

We hope this article helped you find out how to set up your assisted living community website to have the best possible SEO. Thanks for reading!